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chrysler: extended internship
Goal: Inspire the next generation of automotive designers
Supervised by: Carly Edgemon & Tim Anness
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first iteration of workbooks being used in schools!
[what is it]
I created a set of educational tools for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ design outreach program.
Many children don’t find success in traditional academia. When they fall behind, other interests (especially arts) get pushed to the back burner. Academic pressures continue at home, where many parents don’t even know that lucrative careers in art / design exist.

For me, this project is all about exposing children, teachers, and parents to opportunities in automotive designs, especially for the creative minds that struggle in traditional school environments.
The full system
Many of these items are available in their entirety for free from the website; take a moment to explore!
sketchbook (exterior side)
sketchbook (interior side)
original materials
Originally the team used only a sketchbook with reference images (top) and “hero card” (bottom) when visiting schools and events.
info card (front)
info card (back)
  • FCA = unrecognizable conglomerate
  • Overall highly corporate aesthetic
  • Unrelatable hi-fi drawings
  • Hyper-masculine aesthetic (sketchbook)
  • “Real” car focus; little future vision
  • Sketching only; no design thinking
  1. It’s discouraging for kids to compare their drawings to professional sketches
  2. Design thinking starts with imagination, a talent that all children have
  3. “FCA” is confusing—people recognize the brands, not the combined corporation
All about creative thinking; sketching is just one way to communicate!
  1. Focus on problem-solving & design thinking instead of sketching skills for younger kids
  2. Use non-human character in the example for younger kids to enrich imagination and problem-solving
  3. For older kids, use a future-facing real product as the example to put focus on future possibilities rather than technical reality
  4. Utilize the letter shapes of FCA (square, circle, triangle) from the brand guidelines for a less corporate feel and easier future recognition
  5. Align activity with Project-Based Learning requirements & STEAM objectives for easier classroom integration
Non-human character needs a vehicle totally different from what's on roads today
new program tagline: imagination is a career
new website look & feel
live site
visit the live site to see the downloadable documents in full!
talking through prototypes with Jenn (interior design) and Carly (student relations coordinator) on a Saturday
It was crucial to get lots of feedback from the designers who would be using these materials out in the real world.

I considered them experts, stakeholders, and users all wrapped into one.
first time testing out the workbooks in a real school!
the new layout helped to clear up confusion
The first time the team took workbooks to a school, some kids got confused moving between example pages and their own designs.

To the right, you can see how we updated the workbook’s flow after this insight.
covid-19 effects
FCA signed on to be the #1 sponsor for the 2020 National Arts Education Association conference, however due to the pandemic, the event was canceled. At the event, the team was set to showcase and distribute my designs to educators nation-wide.
& some final documentation
Final Presentation
(Animated Keynote)
Presentation "Script"

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